Dear Children

Letters From A Father's Heart

Nothing Doesn’t Attack Anything

Dear children,

You will live your lives in a world with competing worldviews.  But it is worse than that really.  It is not as if these worldviews are in amiable competition for your allegiance.  They are at war with each other.  It is a war of ideas, yes, but eventually wars of ideas become bloody.  You,  my dear children, will pick a side in this conflict.  There is no avoiding that fact.  You will be touched by it as well, no matter what side you choose, even if that side is one of pacifism, Unitarianism or live and let live.

If you follow the path that I’ve pointed out for you, that is to say, if you follow Jesus, you will likewise be attacked in any number of ways.  Scripture is clear on this matter.  So in this letter I would like to paint those attacks with a wide brush and then point out something worth noting.  But fist let me define the key term, “attack”.

To attack a thing can generally mean to act violently toward it.  Or it can mean to impugn or challenge its cognitive structure, as in the “idea”.  While both of these kinds of attacks on Christianity are happening today, I want to focus on the latter of the two, and specifically on the fact that these attacks should be interpreted from two different perspectives.  The first of these perspectives is the actual challenge to your worldview.  If someone, for example, is challenging your belief that there is a God by offering his believed evidence that there isn’t, then that evidence must be dealt with.  I’ll call that the offensive perspective.  An offensive action is being taken against your beliefs.  The second perspective I’ll call the “defensive” perspective.  Every attack emanates from its own belief system, or worldview, and therefore is a thing open to attack itself, and which ought to be defensible.  Because of their immersion in this culture, most whom you will encounter will not even realize this because their belief system is “normal”, which is just another way of saying that it is what everybody else they know believes too.  It more than likely will have never occurred to them that they hold a view which itself requires a defense.

I would have your minds work so as to think within the framework of both of these perspectives, always.  As a Christian you are not, nor should you ever be, solely held to defending your faith against those who are attacking it.  You will find that defending your faith is a much easier task, even in your own mind, when you are able to challenge the challenger and make him defend his faith also.  His faith will generally come in one of  two forms.  The form that you are most unlikely to encounter is the one that insists that there is no god.  But there is another from just like it, which you will encounter often, even from many who profess to be Christians, that will insist that thought there is a god, you can’t know or be certain what he requires.   You will navigate attacks from these worldviews more easily when you realize that they are in reality nothing more than attempts at usurping your faith with theirs.  But be sure that in the end, they offer nothing more or less than faith also.

Life requires faith.  You will put your faith in something, be it a Utopian idea, a man, a religion, a government or any number of other things that can easily be turned into an idol for worship.  While you will encounter some who have faith in the gods of differing religions, and yes, the people of those faiths will–and if they are being true to that faith, should–attempt to win you over to their faith. These are easier to think through because it is plain to see that your faith is being challenged by another faith that does not attempt to hide its own beliefs nor the fact that an attempt at usurpation is happening.  But you will face precious little of that sort of an “attack”  in your lifetime.  The attacks you will experience rather will come from a faith that doesn’t see itself as faith at all, for it is a faith in man.  And though it will seldom be admitted to you, the name of this faith is “Secular Humanism”.  It bills itself as not being based on faith because it points to what it calls science, and it worships no deity.  Or, the deity that it does worship is indistinguishable from the government and the prevailing “morality” of the age.   But rest assured, this faith contains all the elements of just another religion with all of its ordinances, worship requirements, systems of morality, redemption and even its own little gods.

For this reason I would admonish you to study your culture.  Know it.  Understand that attacks on your faith are not coming from nowhere or nothing.  They have a source, always, a belief system from which it attacks.  Realize that it, like all other religions, are at war with God and His law, and it means to win.  Understand that those who fall away from Christianity, and embraced this Godless culture, have not fallen away from religion but have merely exchanged the one true God for an idol.  They have simply allowed that God be usurped by an idol, which in your culture’s case, is man.

I wish, dear children, that you could simply embrace the love of Christ and live out the rest of your life in peace and tranquility, and to a certain extent, you can though your belief in Jesus.  But the Bible is clear.  Trials will come… many trials.  You will either traverse those trials with the light of God’s word, or you will traverse them based on some other belief system.  But know that they will come, and you will walk through them.  I plea that you hold onto Jesus tightly, who promised us that, though troubles will come in this world, He has overcome this world.

“These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world”
(John 16:33)

Your father.


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3 thoughts on “Nothing Doesn’t Attack Anything

  1. I’ve heard a lot from Christians lately complaining about “persecution” in America and I’ve thought it a bit … thin-skinned. That is, until I found that Jesus defined to include “when people insult you and persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me.” (Matt 5:11). Insults and saying false things. I suppose, then, Christians are persecuted in America today. I’m fairly sure it’s just the beginning. (I’m waiting, for instance, for the job interview that says, “Are you or have you ever been a Christian?”)

    • I’m very aware right now that my stand on marriage could end up jeopardizing my job. This is true for many, but for now, it is don’t ask don’t tell I guess. I’m preparing mentally for the day when I will have to tell the truth under a certain circumstance and suffer the consequences.

  2. I like this. No one but God is objective. And He chose to love me. How cool is that?!

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