Dear Children

Letters From A Father's Heart

About “Dear Children”

I’ve been meaning for some time to write this for the “About” header.  It’s been an evolution of sorts and since things have now somewhat congealed, I think I can write it without being too far off.  I’ll start with what is already there:

I am the father of a daughter and a son, born 2000 and 2002 respectively, whom my wife and I educate at home.  These are open letters, from me, addressed to the two of them so that they may have something permanent from their father.

This site rose from my years as a blogger of eight years.  In that time I have developed, shall we say, a relationship with the world of the internet, and have discovered a few things that I’ll mention here in passing.  It is a great place to interact with ideas, and even to learn how to interact… civilly.  Going back a few years and reading things that I’d forgotten that I’d even written, I must admit that I was often aghast and ashamed, not of what I had said, but due to the arrogant, condescending and unloving and uncaring way that I said it.  Without the blogosphere, I would have never even had the opportunity to learn that lesson.  Blogging has also afforded me the time to analyze and think about the thought forms of those with whom I disagree; to unpack them, and to understand them, in ways that simple conversation simply cannot allow.

Also my introduction to the blogosphere introduced me to another thing that was completely new.  It introduced me to yet another monster that had come to devour my attention and time with ever more ferocity.  When I would sit down in front of my computer the clock would disappear.  Hours would turn to minutes.  I had an epiphany a few years ago.  It happened that I was writing, probably about the importance of family and fatherhood, or following Jesus or some such, and it hit me.  My children were playing in the back yard just through the sliding glass door, and there I was, for all practical purposes, in another world.  That was bad.

So, to pull all this together for the purpose of explaining the “About” of this blog, here are three things.  First, this blog is written from my heart to my children.  This is an arena for which I am officially ordained by God, and in which He has unquestionably given me the authority and the gift to teach.  I am plowing my own field as I write, and there is a personal comfort I get with knowing that.  Still, we live in a time of great fatherlessness, so in the mean time, if these letters admonish or bless you too, then I am likewise blessed twice.

Second, by making these public I not only welcome input, I ask for it.  If there is an angle, a thought, a challenge, or any advice you’re willing to give that is consistent with my theology, then I am more than pleased.  I have found fatherhood to be daunting.  It wasn’t until I was in about waist-deep that I realized I’d never plumb the depths of it.  Beware to all those who think they know too much… or even enough.  I pray constantly that God would call my children to Himself, and to hinder all my efforts, however good intentioned they may be, that interfere with that end.

But there is another reason that I request your input.  It is my goal to cull my favorite and best posts a few years from now and bind them into a nice book to be given to my children individually as a gift, probably for their 18th birthday, or graduation.  So please feel free to call me on misspelled homophones, bad punctuation, and the like.  If you are still reading this, 700 plus words in, I guess what I am asking is that you do a little volunteer-editor work, if you have time and are willing.  Also, with this in mind, keep also in mind that I am in the habit of rereading and editing these posts.

And lastly, please have grace on me when it comes to responding to any comment that you leave.  I have made it a goal to make one post every Sunday.  When I do the enjoyable but difficult work of writing, I am drawing on a dry well as it pertains to inherent talent.  Most of my posts are therefore time consuming.  This fact coupled with the monster that would have me sitting here writing about fatherhood rather than actually being a father means that there will be some Sundays that I will not meet my goal.  But it also means that I may well not be prompt with a response should you leave a comment.  Though I do like to acknowledge everyone who takes the time to say something, I don’t always.  The reason is generally that I don’t know what to say, other than thank you, which, to me, would begin to appear monotonous.  So let me say now, I never tire of receiving encouragement, and every positive comment or “like”  is precious to me.  I always also try to visit the sites of those who do make their presence known here, and could actually spend all my time doing so the truth be known, but there is that monster that I must keep tamed and at bay while at the same time fulfilling my goals here.

So there you have it.  I hope you are blessed, admonished and encouraged by reading this blog.  Feel free to copy and paste anything you see here, and though a link and/or credit would be nice, it is not necessary and you have my permission.



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