Dear Children

Letters From A Father's Heart

Hell On Earth Is Rejecting God

Dear Children,

As a father who honestly and sincerely believes that there’s much more to this life than simply working, playing, and sleeping until death overtakes us, I don’t think it’s possible for me to overstate how important it is that God would overtake your hearts and dwell within. You see, I don’t believe for a moment that this earth, with all the life that lives on it, simply popped into existence by mere chance. I don’t think that you or I are mere flesh machines guided only by the chance electron flows between our ears. No! You have a purpose that transcends all that your eyes can see, your ears can hear, your skin can feel and your mind can think.

But there are those who reject God, indeed God says that very few will not reject him. And during our short lives here, when we reject God, we necessarily reject along with him other things that, though they may not be acknowledged, they, nevertheless, undermine our only chance at having any meaning in this life. I’ve concocted, therefore, a few things that we also reject when we deny the creator’s existence.

We reject:

Eternity. Just like those who came before you, you were born. And likewise, you will also die. Do not be fooled. The day of your death is a certainty, though it may seem now to be far off. Life, as you now know it, will not go on forever. It is finite. But it’s worse than that. For those who reject God, any hope of anything eternal is vain. When God is rejected all that remains is matter. For them, the sun will one day simply burn out and this planet will be but a cold cinder in space, no being will be left to remember, it will have had no purpose, no meaning, nothing… it will just be cold dead matter.

Purpose. Without eternity, the idea of purpose is just another meaningless spark in the neurons in your brain. Anything “good” that was ever done, any sacrifice that was ever made, any great feat that was ever accomplished, all will disappear and will ultimately be as meaningless after your life as they were when they were accomplished. Without eternity there can be no purpose, no ultimate reason to do good, nor any ultimate reason to avoid or even to do evil. There, in fact, will be no ultimate reason for anything. Matter, even matter with electrical impulses, is only, after all, matter.

Absolute truth. Without eternal meaning and purpose, there can be no truth. The very words good and evil become finite and relative. Good for me can mean what the meaningless thoughts in my brain tell me it means. I could just as well consider it a good thing to kill someone and take their food when my body tells me it’s hungry. Who’s to say it would be evil? The masses on the road to destruction like to think that they can derive truth from themselves. That is to say, they believe that good and evil can be determined by simply programming the majority of their fellow flesh-machines to agree on something. Of course, in the name of “good,” they must destroy and oppress those who refuse to be reprogrammed. But in the end, it’s meaningless either way.

Men have risen to power and lorded themselves over other men since time began and they will continue doing it until time ends. They become little gods for a while, decreeing this and that to be good and evil. But their decrees, just like the minds that caused them to think that their decrees had meaning, are ultimately meaningless. They die and turn to dust just like all that came before them, and all who have and will come after.

Love.  God is love. In a world that rejects God, love is corrupted also. “God is love” becomes, “God is what the neurons firing between my ears tell me love is.” But Man cannot even know what love is unless he first knows who God is. To know God is to begin to get a glimpse into the meaning of the word, love. But without God, love becomes just as meaningless as everything else. It becomes the result of some warm and fuzzy feelings brought about by chemical and electrical impulses. To love might very well be to murder.  When I, your father, am old, it might seem like the loving thing to do to give me a pill that will put me out of my suffering and send me back to the dust from whence I came. But more importantly, by labeling it love, you can go on without any feelings of guilt for murdering your father. There are perhaps a million ways that Hell can be unleashed on this earth in the name of love, for when you reject the Father, you must, therefore, reject any true meaning or understanding of that word.

Hope.  The Bible says that “Hope that is seen is not hope, for why does one hope for what he already sees?” When we reject God, we abandon all hope except that our eternal state will be nothingness and that we really won’t be held accountable for the choices that we’ve made in this life. But if our eternal state really is nothingness, then all meaning, all purpose, all truth, and all hope are just as meaningless while we exist as they were before and after that existence. Man is left with YOLO—You Only Live Once—and he becomes a hedonistic animal attempting to somehow derive meaning from self-gratification, ever on the lookout for that next thrill or pleasure, driven on by nothing more than minuscule little electrical and chemical signals in the brain. His short existence is plunged into a Hell as millions claw and scratch in their attempts to live this one-and-only meaningless life doing what their meaningless impulses tell them to do. Man becomes a slave to his flesh which barks commands incessantly. He is without hope.


Life on the narrow path is nothing like this bleak and hellish existence. Jesus said, “pick up your cross and follow me.” Picking up our cross is rejecting the flesh’s rule over our destiny. We are liberated from our slavery to the flesh through the cross. In the eyes of a world that has no basis for purpose, truth, love, or hope, a world that in fact orders itself according to YOLO, picking up your cross and following Jesus is foolishness. But for those on the narrow path, it makes perfect sense. For them, trying to derive meaning from nothingness is the real folly.

It’s my prayer that you not suffer during your short life. But I also pray even more that you enter through the narrow gate and walk along the narrow path. I, in fact, pray that even if the narrow path is filled with suffering—and it may well be—that you will walk that path anyway in God’s abundant grace. His grace is able to sustain you in temporary suffering much more than all the riches in this world can in a meaningless life. And I pray that His Grace will do that very thing. Paul tells us that “For the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared to the glory that will be revealed to us.” So I admonish you, dear children, ask your Father in Heaven to give you the grace to enter through that narrow gate, and then to walk along that narrow path, and to set your sights beyond the grave which, you should ever keep close in recollection, looms much nearer than you think.

Your father


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4 thoughts on “Hell On Earth Is Rejecting God

  1. Thank you, Danny!

  2. Hi Danny,

    I couldn’t help but read this to Andy and Joey tonight after our devotional. It took me about 45 minutes to read through it, and explain it all. But hopefully, prayerfully, the LORD will use it to work the truth into their hearts, and show them their need to trust in the Father for the necessary grace to enter the narrow gate.

    Thanks for writing this. I do appreciate it.

    • Thank you so much Tim for this feedback. It would thrill me more than anything I can think of that God would use this to minister to someone. I am encouraged more than I can say that you thought it worth reading to your own children. Sorry it took me so long to respond. I’m working more in the summer months than the others.

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