Dear Children

Letters From A Father's Heart

Understanding The Nature Of Your Christian Subculture

Dear Children,

A fish might live over here in the water, or it may live over there in the water, but either way, it is destined to live in the water. Likewise, you’ll live in a culture, either in one kind or another. But there are subcultures also, and you’ll be living in one of those as well. There are homosexual subcultures, wealthy subcultures, environmentalist subcultures, political subcultures, and a lot more. Christianity, in its own right, might be seen as a subculture of sorts. But it’s unique in a few ways, one being that it’s 2000 years old. But that’s only if you don’t take into account its Jewish roots. If you did that, then it’s as old as the existence of Man. Given also that Christianity spans the globe, we can also say that it is unique in its scope. In most cultures, there will be found a subculture of Christianity somewhere. I can’t think of another actual subculture with these same unique qualities.

So we ought to ask, is it really a subculture at all? Although we might, in some ways, rightly look at it as such, in another and more important way, it isn’t really as much a subculture as it is a kingdom. And in this kingdom, Jesus is king. So, if you are in Christ, and Christ is in you, you are a part of a Kingdom that transcends borders, cultures, and even time. 

The wonderful thing about this kingdom is that no matter where you find yourself in this world, you will likely have brothers and sisters in Christ nearby. It’s like living in a massive-sized family that covers the earth. You will recognize these brothers and sisters because of their submission to, and their love for, their King. He will be preeminent in every part of their lives. They will not be according to the flesh but according to the Spirit. In short, they will not worship sheetrock, vanity, pop-stars, fancy cars, aberrant sexual behavior or the environment… to name just a few. They’ll be naturally interested in what their King is doing at that given moment as they seek to be a part of his work. You will feel a kinship with these brothers and sisters also, against which the barriers of different cultures will not prevail. This “subculture,” Christianity, is everything the world says it wants. The only problem is that Man is not king in this subculture, and for them, that will never do.

I pray that you would every day grow in your knowledge of Jesus, that you would walk closer to him as you cast off your entanglements from whatever culture you find yourself immersed in. I pray for you, and for me, that we will be a light in this dark world, and that Jesus would use us to snatch some, if not many, from the flames.

Your father



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