Dear Children

Letters From A Father's Heart

God’s Word, The Beacon Of Truth

Dear Children,

The Bible is not a book suitable for fools, for it is the fool who approaches this work of works with the premise already set in his heart that the claimed author doesn’t exist. That said, you must make up your mind about this your own self. But as you make up your mind do so only after you’ve made up your mind about a few particulars concerning your own existence.

For one, you exist in time. One of the most profound passages in the Bible is God answering the question put to him by Moses, “Who shall I say sent me?”

I Am,” was the answer, and these two words are, therefore, our creator’s signature to His magnificent work. I was told of this passage before I read it, and it put me into an immediate state of awe and wonder. The words, I am, speak of existence, but not only of existence but also of an existence as it relates to time and space, or perhaps better put, to an existence from the perspective that is outside of them both.

It’s difficult to think outside of one’s own perspective. I am a Westerner now living in the early 21st century. My mind interprets all things from that perspective. And while I might manage to capture and confine a few of the influences bearing on me from that experience, I’m convinced that it’s a hopeless endeavor to escape the myriad influences sufficiently to evaluate myself and my world from any other perspective. I can never say, “I am.” I can only say that “I am here and now.” Indeed my own history as recent as yesterday is already fading from my grasp and tomorrow is completely unknown.

Yet still, I’m aware of a history that preceded my own existence, but even the study of that is limited by my perspective and made further hazy by the perspectives of those who witnessed it and did their part in conducting it to the present. It is clear to me that Man can never “be” in the same sense that the “I am” is. Man is a blind fool wandering around in the annals of time, seeing his own short history of existence in the light of a dim flickering lamp that creates long shadows that hide truths. And he is completely blind as it regards his future. He is led about by a ring in his nose, that ring being his fleshy desires.

As a result of such contemplations of time, you will inevitably be led to your origins. On this matter, the Bible and your culture are not compatible. Pay no mind to anyone who attempts to reconcile evolution and scripture. If it be concluded for you that your existence is the result of evolution, then reject God and accept the ramifications of such a faith. But if it be concluded in your heart that evolution is beyond your ability to reason, then reject it. Your father lacks the required faith to believe the tenets of evolution. It is an easier task for this feeble mind to see the I Am as the author of Man’s existence, and so by extension your father’s existence. Still, I understand those who put their faith in a system of knowledge that denies the coming day of judgment wherein an account of their lives will be required. Man generally prefers to see the world as he wishes it to be rather than how it really is. But know this, reality itself dangles precariously on the tiny thread of that portion of the total of truth which we hold to be true.

On the second matter, you exist in space. That is to say that you exist on a slab of land on a planet in a gravitational relationship with two heavenly bodies, all three of which are spinning and churning through cold nothingness. But it’s more multifaceted than just that. You also live in a family, a community, a region, a culture and a nation. And don’t forget, if you are in Christ, you also live within a global community of believers who together make up the body of Christ. It’s these facets that exert themselves upon your existence more than anything else. They pull and push you this way and that. Without some sort of stabilizing force in your life you will have no recourse but to look inwardly for orientation and direction, and in so doing you will be navigating yourself according to the feelings and the prevailing thought-patterns within which you find yourself immersed at any given time.

God’s word is the only answer for such chronological and spatial disorientation. It is a beacon on the horizon by which you can fix your position in time and space according to the great I Am. You will not be lost, your direction and purpose will be sure, and you will endure the course set before you, which, though it is not well trodden, it is certainly not untrodden.

I pray that God’s Word would become a lamp unto your feet, a beacon of hope, and a comfort in your trials. I pray that you would hear and trust the promises of God and that you would set your face like flint in the direction that God has marked for you to go. I pray that you would not falter, that you would rise up as a mighty warrior in Christ’s army, and that where I have failed and fallen, you will succeed. May you, in the end, hear those blessed words, “Well done my good and faithful servant.” I desire nothing for you more than this.

Your father


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2 thoughts on “God’s Word, The Beacon Of Truth

  1. I pray that God grants you the strength to share the word to us. Great piece, Danny

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